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B.S. Physics 4 Years Program

Courses Offered in B.S. Physics

Course Code Course Title Credit hours
PHY-3101 Mechanics and theory of relativity 3(3,0)
MAT-3102 Calculus-1 3(3,0)
COM-3103 Introduction to computing 3(3,0)
ENG-3104 English-I (comprehension and composition) 3(3,0)
ISL-3105 Islamic Studies 2(2,0)
PHY-3106 Physics Lab-I 1(0,1)
Total 15
Course Code Course Title Credit hours Pre-Requisite
PHY-3201 Waves & Oscillations 3(3,0)
MAT-3202 Calculus-II 3(3,0) MAT-3102
ENG-3203 English-II ( Scientific writing & Communication skills) 3(3,0) ENG-3104
ARB-3204 Arabic 3(3,0)
Minor-1 3(3,0)
PHY-3205 Physics  Lab-II 1(0,1)
Total 16
Course Code Course Title Credit hours Pre-Requisite
PHY-4301 Electricity and Magnetism-I 3(3,0)
MAT-4302 Ordinary differential Equations 3(3,0) MAT-3102
COM-4303 Computer Programming 3(2,1) COM-3103
PHY-4304 Heat & Thermodynamics 3(3,0)
PST-4305 Pak Studies 2(2,0)
PHY-4306 Physics Lab-III 1(0,1)
Total 15
Code Course Title Credit hours Pre-Requisite
PHY-4401 Modern Physics & Electronics 3(3,0)
PHY -4402 Electricity and Magnetism-II 3(3,0) PHY-4301
MAT-4403 Partial differential Equations 3(3,0) MAT-3202
MAT-4404 Introduction to linear Algebra 3(3,0)
Minor-II 3(3,0)
STA-4405 Statistics and probability 3(3,0)
PHY-4406 Physics Lab-IV 1(0,1)
Total 19
Code Course Title Credit hours Pre-Requisite
PHY-5501 Methods of Mathematical Physics – I 3(3,0) MAT-3202
PHY-5502 Classical Mechanics 3(3,0) PHY-3101
PHY-5503 Electronics 3(3,0)
PHY-5504 Physics Lab-V (Electronics) 3(0,23)
PHY-5505 Electromagnetic theory-I 3(3,0) PHY-4301
PHY-5506 Quantum Mechanics-I 3(3,0) PHY-4401
Total 18
Code Course Title Credit hours Pre-Requisite
PHY-5601 Methods of mathematical Physics – II 3(3,0) PHY-5501
PHY-5602 Solid State Physics 3(3,0)
PHY-5603 Nuclear Physics 3(3,0)
PHY-5604 Physics Lab-VI (Solid State Phys) 3(0,3)
PHY-5605 Electromagnetic theory-II 3(3,0) PHY-5505
PHY-5606 Quantum Mechanics-II 3(3,0) PHY-5506
Total 18
Code Course Title Credit hours Pre-Requisite
PHY-6701 Computational Physics 3(2,1) COM-4303
PHY-6702 Statistical Mechanics and Thermal Physics 3(3,0) PHY-4304
PHY-6703 Physics Lab-VII (Nuclear  Physics) 3(0,3)
PHY-6700 Thesis  OR 3(3,0) For thesis CGPA>3.3
PHY-670Y Optional course(See below) up to 6 th semester
PHY-670X Elective Advance Course-I (See below) 3(3,0)
Total 15
Code Course Title Credit hours
PHY-6801 Plasma Physics 3(3,0)
PHY-6802 Atomic and Laser Physics 3(3,0)
PHY-680X Elective Advance Course-II 3(3,0)
PHY-6700 Thesis  OR 3(3,0)
PHY-680Y Optional course (See below)
PHY-6804 Physics Lab-VIII (General Phys.) 3(0,3)
PHY-6808 Comprehensive viva S/U
Total 15

Elective Advance Courses

Code Course Title Credit hours
PHY-6705 Electronics, Advance Course-I 3(3,0)
PHY-6706 Solid State Physics,  Advance Course-I 3(3,0)
PHY-6707 Nuclear Physics, Advance Course-I 3(3,0)
Code Course Title Credit hours
PHY-6805 Electronics, Advance Course-II 3(3,0)
PHY-6806 Solid State Physics,  Advance Course-II 3(3,0)
PHY-6807 Nuclear Physics, Advance Course-II 3(3,0)
Code Course Title Credit hours Pre-Requisite
PHY-6W10 Radiation & Medical Physics 3(3,0)
PHY-6W11 Magnetism in Condense Matter 3(3,0) PHY-5602
PHY-6W12 Experimental Plasma Physics 3(3,0)
PHY-6W13 Environmental Physics 3(3,0) ENV-AB03
PHY-6W14 Renewable energy sources 3(3,0)
PHY-6W15 Surface  Physics 3(3,0)
PHY-6W16 Non-Destructive Testing 3(3,0)
PHY-6W17 Polymer Physics 3(3,0)
PHY-6W18 Bio-Physics 3(3,0) BIO-AB02
PHY-6W19 Computer Simulation 3(3,0)
PHY-6W20 Optoelectronics 3(3,0) PHY-5602
Code Course Title Credit hours
BSC-AB01 Introduction to Biosciences 3(3,0)
BIO-AB02 Fundamentals of Biology 3(2,1)
ENV-AB03 Fundamentals of Environmental Sciences 3(3,0)
CHM-AB04 Chemistry-1 3(2,1)
ECO-AB05 Economics 3(3,0)
ECO-AB06 Fundamentals of Economics 3(3,0)
HUM-AB07 Introduction to Sociology 3(3,0)
MGT-AB08 Introduction to Business 3(3,0)
GEO-AB09 Introduction to Geology 3(3,0)
MET105 Climatology 3(3,0)