Faculty Members

BS Allied Health Sciences

Dear Prospective Students

Welcome to the Faculty of Health and Medical sciences at the UAJK. Are you interested in pursuing a career in health care? Congratulation! You have made the right decision. We appreciate your interest and will help you get through. The need for qualified health professionals is enormous in Azad Jammu & Kashmir. After the devastating 2005 earthquake, healthcare infrastructure has largely been reconstructed and renovated. Now, Azad Kashmir enjoys an extensive network of modern hospitals and primary health care facilities, perhaps the best nationwide.

For operating these facilities motivated and enthusiastic people like you are required. Through joining our educational Programs, you definitely make the right step towards ensuring a respectful job. However, working for health is more than a job. It is a mission and passion. It will offer you with the self-esteem and satisfaction you are searching for. Healthcare career offers numerous rewards including making a difference in the lives of patients and populations, intellectual challenge and continuous learning, attractive compensation and benefits, security and the ability to work anywhere in the country. Our educational Programs cover a wide spectrum of professions that constitute the backbone of any health facility and the key for its success. We have designed our courses in a way that offers you the most interactive, informal and encouraging environment conducive to learning. You will be encouraged to think critically, to seek knowledge yourself and to translate theory into practice. Our curricula are based on the art and science of helping you learn. The principles of our educational philosophy are that you are self-directed learners, have rich experiences and knowledge on which to draw, desire to learn to better handle real-life situations, and see education as a process that increases competence and leads to achievement of your full potential. I am confident that you will excel in our Programs and wish you all the best.

Associate Dean

Dr. Bashir Ur Rahman Kantt MBBS MCPS FCPS PAK
Ph: +92-5822 960425


Dr. Waqar Haider; MBBS, FACC, MSc-Cardio London
Dr. Sleem Abbasi; MBBS,DIP Cardiology, MD Cardiology PAK
Dr. Adnan Altaf;M.Phil In Epidemiology & Public Health PAK
Dr. Junaid Ahmad Mir; D-Pharm ,MPH* PAK
Dr. Syeda Abida Hussain Sherazi; DPT,MSAPT PAK
Dr. Mahreen Akhlaq; Master in Hematology London
Dr. Qaisar Azi; D-Pharm PAK
Dr. Misha Anis;MBBS MPhil hematology *PAK
Dr. Mudasser Hafeez Awan; MBBS,CPSP, FCPS * PAK
Dr. Hadyia Asghar ;D-Pharm, MPH PAK
Dr. Maleeha Abbas; MBBS PAK
Dr. Maham Shahid; MBBS PAK
Dr. Shiza Zahoor; MBBS PAK
Dr. Madiha Sabar; BS Physiotherapy, TDPT* PAK
Dr. Wajhia Gull; BS Physiotherapy PAK
Dr. Madiha Ejaz Raja; D-Pharm PAK


  • BS Allied Health Sciences (4 Years)
  • Anesthesia and Intensive Care Sciences
  • Cardiovascular Technology
  • Dialysis and Critical Care Sciences
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Sciences
  • Radiology & Medical Imaging Sciences
  • Surgical and Operation Theater Sciences
  • Emergency Medical Technology
  • Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  • Vision Sciences
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Sciences