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The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology (CS&IT) is one of the established constituent units of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (UAJK). Its history dates back to 1991, when Computer Center was established at the UAJK with the objective of producing IT professionals to fulfill immediate demand of IT industry by offering Postgraduate Diploma program in Computer Science. In the year 2000, the Computer Center was upgraded to the Department of CS&IT to develop IT professionals of international standard keeping in view requirements of flourishing IT industry and to develop researchers in the field of Computing and other related application domains. Initially, the Department started MCS and BS (CS) programs. In 2011, the department started its M.Phil. Program. PhD in Computer Sciences was initiated in 2012.

The Department of CS&IT, nestled in the heart of Muzaffarabad city, is now the home of 19 faculty members (including 07 PhD and 09 MS/MPhil) and more than 400 students enrolled in various degree programs. The Department, with the current faculty strength of a Professor, seven Assistant Professors, ten lecturers and one lab engineer sufficiently caters to its requisite teaching and research requirements. CS&IT faculty members are international leaders in their respective fields of expertise including networking & security, software engineering, data mining & machine learning, information retrieval, bio-informatics and biomedical signal & image processing.

Mission of the Department
The mission of the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology is to provide education in theoretical and experimental foundation of Computing Technology, apply it to solve real world problems and conduct computing & inter-disciplinary research. The programs mission is to deliver the knowledge in computer and information science as evidenced by an understanding of computing systems and science coupled with the capacity to produce feasible and responsible solutions to complex computing problems. The core intention is to enhance the problem solving and research based skills among research scholars in order to conduct research independently. The program also focuses on to provide extensive support, principally via one-to-one supervision of research students and well integrated, active research groups. Program amalgamates the availability of environment where scholars may polish their communication and writing skills which may help them to transform their research outcomes into research articles. The learning atmosphere will enable scholars to lifelong learning skills as evidenced by the ability, to adapt to innovation and change. The department is giving high priority to enhance its academic and research strengths in order to bring it among premier Computer Science Departments at national and international level.

Research Environment/Groups
Department of CS &IT has been able to create and sustain successfully an active and potent research culture since the inception of postgraduate classes in March 2011. In the very short period of time, it has made relentless efforts to build a research environment of international stature. The faculty members, postgraduate and undergraduate students have published a significant numbers of research papers in different fields of Computer Science and Information Technology. The department also arranges seminars and workshops in various areas of relevance. The faculty members, postgraduate students and prominent researchers participate in these seminars.

At present the Department is offering research in following fields
Biomedical Signal and Image Processing
Wireless Networking
Data and Information Security
Data mining and Machine learning
Applied Software Engineering

IT Services in Classrooms and Labs
The PERN through PTCL has provided 46 MB bandwidth internet facility to the department, supported by fiber backbone and video conferencing facility. The department has 06 modern air-conditioned computing labs and five class rooms with multimedia facility. There are three general programming labs with 30 computers each, one digital and system programming lab, one research lab for MS and PhD scholars, one data center and one female faculty lab. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras have been installed in all the labs. Moreover, the department has access to international journals and research articles through HEC Digital Library. The department is connected through a LAN in order to provide modern teaching and learning environment and fast access to the Internet. The LAN caters to many important computing needs of the department such as compilers of the popular programming languages, RDBMS software (Oracle, SQL server), Operating systems (Linux, Unix and various Windows version), MS Office suite and other necessary software. Furthermore, the department has indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi connectivity.

Library Services
The students are provided books free of cost from departmental as well as library central. The students are granted library membership for the duration of their programs to get book from central library. The departmental library comprises:
Over 6,000 books
Training and technical CDs and DVDs
Research journals and conference proceeding

National and International Collaborations
The Department has also taken initiatives to conduct interdisciplinary research with biologists, physicists, neuroscientists and networking engineers. The Department has developed its research collaborations with bio-Engineering research group at the University of Leicester UK and National Institute of Laser and Optronics (NILOP), Islamabad.

Job Opportunities for Graduates
Students graduating from the Department are well prepared for employment in a wide range of high-tech companies and able to help maintain and enhance the AJ & K’s position in this important and expanding area.

Undergraduate Computer Sciences Programs
The Department of CS&IT offers four years BS (CS) and two years MCS programs at undergraduate level. The programs in computer science prepare professionals who will adapt to constant changes in technology and who will be leaders in developing the new technologies of the Information Age. The multi disciplinary nature of our curricula offers students a high degree of flexibility to design a program of study tailored to their interests and professional aspirations.
Computer Sciences focuses on modeling, analyses, documenting and tracking the system requirements, designing, implementing, deployment, and maintaining software systems. Moreover, programming, algorithms, and the principles of computing that underlie these areas are addressed. Computer Sciences program also assures to produce graduates that are prepared either to begin careers or to pursue advanced studies in the field.
The mission of the Computer Sciences program is to assist students to make professional contributions to the field upon graduation and throughout their professional careers, and to adapt to technological and societal change.

The BS (CS) program of department has been accredited from National Computing, Education and Accreditation Council (NCEAC) of Pakistan in X-category.

Graduate Programs at Department of Computer Sciences
The Department of CS&IT offers MCS, M.Phil. and PhD programs at graduate level. These programs in computer science prepare professionals who will adapt to constant changes in technology and who will be leaders in developing the new technologies of the Information Age. The multi disciplinary nature of our curricula offers students a high degree of flexibility to design a program of study tailored to their interests and professional aspirations.

Faculty Members

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