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M.Phil & Ph.D Mathematics  Program

Courses Offered in M.Phil & Ph.D Mathematics

Code Course Title Credit hours
MAT-7101 Advanced Functional Analysis-I 3
MAT-7102 Advanced Measure Theory-I 3
MAT-7103 Advanced Topology-I 3
MAT-7104 Lie Algebra 3
MAT-7105 Topological Groups 3
MAT-7106 Topological Vector Spaces 3
MAT-7107 Theory of Group Graphs 3
MAT-7108 Theory of Group Actions 3
MAT-7109 Theory of Complex Manifolds 3
MAT-7110 Approximation Theory 3
MAT-7112 Advanced Partial Differential Equations 3
MAT-7113 Magneto hydrodynamics-I 3
MAT-7114 Electrodynamics-I 3
MAT-7115 Advanced Analytical Dynamics-I 3
MAT-7116 Advanced General Relativity 3
MAT-7117 Astrophysics 3
MAT-7118 The Classical Theory of Fields 3
MAT-7119 Mathematical Techniques for Boundary Value Problems 3
MAT-7120 Basics of the Theory of Fluids 3
MAT-7121 Sampling Techniques-I 3
MAT-7122 Multivariate Analysis-I 3
MAT-7123 Finite Mixture Distributions-I 3
MAT-7124 Fixed Point Theory 3
MAT-7125 Computer Aided Geometric Design- I 3
MAT-7126 Advanced Numerical Analysis 3
MAT-7127 Advanced Complex Analysis 3
MAT-7201 Advance Functional Analysis-II 3
Code Course Title Credit hours
MAT-7202 Advanced Measure Theory-II 3
MAT-7203 Advanced Topology-II 3
MAT-7204 Banach Algebras 3
MAT-7205 Lie Groups 3
MAT-7206 C* -Algebras 3
MAT-7207 Topological Algebras 3
MAT-7208 Advanced Integral Equations 3
MAT-7209 Magneto hydrodynamics-II 3
MAT-7210 Electrodynamics-II 3
MAT-7211 Advanced Analytical Dynamics-II 3
MAT-7212 Cosmology 3
MAT-7213 Non- Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 3
MAT-7214 Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations 3
MAT-7215 Group Methods for Differential Equations 3
MAT-7216 Sampling Techniques-II 3
MAT-7217 Multivariate Analysis- II 3
MAT-7218 Finite Mixture Distributions-II 3
MAT-7221 Fuzzy Analysis 3
MAT-7222 Fractional Differential Equations 3
MAT-7223 Advances in Discrete Mathematics and Applications 3
MAT-7224 Strict Convexity 3
MAT-7225 Impulsive Differential Equations 3
MAT-7226 Advanced Fluid Dynamics 3
MAT-7227 Computer Aided Geometric Design- II 3
MAT-7228 Advanced Analytical Methods 3
MAT-7229 Basics of Heat and Mass Transfer 3
MAT-7230 Electrodynamics 3
Code Course Title Credit hours
MAT-7231 Convex Analysis 3
MAT-7232 Mathematical Analysis 3
MAT-7233 Computer Graphics 3
MAT-7234 Advanced Algebra 3
MAT-7235 Lie Group Analysis of Difference Equations 3
MAT-7236 Analysis of Several Complex Variables 3
MAT-7237 Calculus of Finite Differences 3
MAT-7238 Advanced Solid Mechanics 3
MAT-7239 Cell Mechanics 3
MAT-7240 Elastic Wave Propagation in Structures 3
MAT-7241 Fracture Mechanics 3
MAT-7242 Inelasticity of Materials 3
MAT-7243 The Continuum Mechanics 3
MAT-7244 Theory of plasticity 3
MAT-7245 Tissue Engineering 3
MAT-7246 Fundamentals of Turbulence 3
Code Course Title Credit hours