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As part of Faculty of Arts expansion and realization of the importance of knowing more languages in the post-Earthquake period, the University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir decided to establish Institute of Languages. The Institute is mandated to promote national and local languages spoken in the region. Azad Kashmir is one of the richest areas of the world in terms of languages spoken. It is a meeting ground for many languages spawning from various families. The interaction in these languages gives rise to fascinating phenomena which form the basis of interesting linguistic studies- a heaven for a linguist. Another major aim of the Institutes includes teaching of foreign languages which promise bright career opportunities in higher studies in the countries they are spoken in. The major languages to be taught in the Institute include English, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, French and Persian as well as offer on demand language courses subject to the availability of the faculty. In the post-earthquake scenario, it was realized that the ability to interact with foreigners in their native languages facilitates the work a great deal and is key in fostering warm relationships. At the same time, the presence of the foreigners and international organizations involved in relief and rehabilitation work aroused a good deal of interest in foreign languages. In order to implement its agenda, the Institute has already run dozens of English language courses. It has also entered into collaborations with notable international organizations to impart knowledge of Chinese, Arabic and Turkish languages for need-based and market-oriented purposes. Yet another aim of the Institute is to offer English support programme for those who need English skills for effectively coping with the degree programme or those who want to acquire advanced English communicative skills with an eye to higher studies abroad or professional development. Special courses will also be offered for those aiming to take GRE/TOEFL/IELTS tests.

The Institute aims to expand in future. Further plans includes establishment of a Research Unit which would be entirely devoted to promoting research on the local languages and preserving the dying languages. The institute is fully alive to research in linguistics particularly targeting the lesser known and marginalized local languages. It engages with researchers and experts with a view to exploring, promoting and preserving local languages. Number of projects aiming at documentation and preservation of Pahari, Hindko, Kashmiri and Gojri and underway, notable among which is compilation of Pahari dictionary and cultural glossary. Another undertaking of the Institute is to organize seminars and workshops on languages teaching, research and computational skills. The institute has successfully accomplished short courses in various languages. In view of Pakistan’s expanding role in the geopolitical arena and the opportunities accompanying, we have decided to enable our workforce to cater for the communication needs of the opportunity-rich countries. Resultantly, language courses of various proficiency levels in Chinese, Turkish and English languages are underway. We have also hired the services of trained instructors through our international collaborators. Turkish Language Course Students, who succeed in the exams at the end of each Turkish language course, receive a certificate of proficiency in Turkish language indicating their level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). A1 Certificate (Certificate) Examination A1 Midterm Exam A2 Certificate (Certificate) Examination B1 Midterm Exam B1 Certificate (Certificate) Examination B2 Midterm Exam B2 Certificate (Certificate) Examination C1 Midterm Exam C1 Certificate (Certificate) Examination C2 Midterm Exam C2 Certificate (Certificate) Examination The course materials, prepared by the Institute, are used as the main source in Turkish courses. This material consisting of a textbook, a workbook and listening registers.


Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan
Ph.D (Pak); Post Doc (UK)
Phone: +925822-960444