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TThe Department of Law was established in the year 2002 with LL.B 3 year course. The department initially came into existence with meager resources in terms of the faculty and infrastructure, but with the passage of time, it made a significant progress in the academic domain as well as in other aspects. The Department  tarted its research degree program/LL.M in the year 2006 and LL.B (5 year) course in the year 2008. The faculty has progressed and grown into a prestigious  institute of legal study and research in the State of Azad Jammu & Kashmir. It is one of the largest Departments in terms of student intake in the University. The building is on the way to accommodate Library, Moot Court, examination Hall and a Conference Room. The course curriculum is in line with HEC guidelines and satisfies the requirements of both the Bar Councils of AJK and Pakistan.

Job Opportunities
Knowledge of law has got prime importance in contemporary world. The law degree holders have bright future as this degree never binds its list which is endless. Our graduates so far, have been successful in obtaining employment of their choices. Graduates adopt wide range of careers in legal field. One can get job in judiciary, law institutions, government, semigovernment offices, journalism, foreign affairs and practitioner in general or in a company, bank or corporate body.

LLB 5-year Degree Program
Eligibility/Pre-requisite for admission FA/FSc or Equivalent (or as per University policy for BS or Equivalent Education).
Passing of the aptitude test organized by the department is mandatory to qualify for the admission.

Scheme of Studies
Duration: 05-year (10 Semesters)
Semester duration: 16-18 weeks
Course load per semester: 15-20 credit hours
Number of courses per Semester: 5-7 Courses.
Total number of credit hours: 176
12 compulsory courses of 34 credits.
09 general and non-law courses of 27 credits.
34 law specific and major courses of 103 credits.
4 elective courses within the major courses of 12 credits.
The medium of instructions and examinations shall be English.
The Degree shall be awarded subject to the satisfactory performance in the defense of Internship Report and Grand Viva (comprehensive
oral examination) before the panel of examiners at the Department of Law.

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Faculty Members

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