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Physical therapy is an essential segment of modern health care system. It is a “science of healing and art of caring”. It pertains to the evaluation, assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal, Neurological, CardioVascular, and Respiratory systems’ functional disorders including symptoms of pain, edema, and physiological, structural and psychosomatic ailments. It also deals with methods of treatment based on movement, manual therapy, physical agents, and therapeutics modalities to relieve  pain and other complications.

Program Mission:      Doctor of Physical Therapy program aims to impart research & evidence-based theoretical, practical, and clinical knowledge and skill students to achieve the highest level of morality and creativity through shared stimulating experiences and transform them into competent health professionals to serve society.

Program Vision:       vision is to be a model program focused on the enhancement and nourishment of an academic environment conducive to excellence in teaching , research and community services. And to be a rehabilitative science institute of national and international repute known in quality and value-based education researchearch

Program Objectives:

  • Foundation of evidence-based knowledge
  • Demonstrate in-depth evidence-based knowledge of the basic and clinical sciences relevant to physical therapy, both in their fundamental context and in their application to the discipline of physical therapy.
  • Understand, correlate, and apply theoretical foundations of knowledge to the practice of physical therapy; evaluate and clarify new or evolving theories relevant to physical therapy.
  • Skill and professional development
  • Demonstrate the behaviors of the scholarly clinician by developing and utilizing the process of critical thinking and inquiry, particularly focused on the improvement of the practice of physical therapy and the delivery of health care.
  • Engage in research and reflective practice through sound clinical decision making, critical self-assessment and commitment to lifelong learning.
  • Demonstrate mastery of entry level professional clinical skills. Provision of these services is based on the best available evidence includes physical therapy examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, intervention, prevention activities, wellness initiatives and appropriate health care utilization.
  • Awareness, professionalism and community service
  • Prepared to influence the development of human health care regulations and policies that are consistent with the needs of the patient and of the society.
  • Demonstrate leadership, management, and communication skills to effectively participate in physical therapy practice and the health care team.
  • Incorporate and demonstrate positive attitudes and behaviors to all persons.
  • Demonstrate the professional and social skills to adapt to changing health care environments to effectively provide physical therapy care.
  • Rise rehabilitation awareness in general population

Program Outcome:

  1. Be primary providers of physical therapy care in a multidimensional environment.
  2. Serve as responsible members in the professional community and are willing and able to assume leadership roles in the communities they serve.
  3. Identify researchable problems, advocate, and participate in research, and incorporate research findings into clinical practice.
  4. Understand and place in context the social, economic, and cultural issues of practice and effectively advocate for changes in policy.
  5. Correlate theory with practice and think creatively about, react to, adapt or shape new practice environments.

Participate in and provide education for communities, patients, peers, students and other.


The criterion for admission to DPT is intermediate at least in first Division (60%marks) and entry test also mandatory.

DPT Course

  1. DPT Program Structure
    • Program Duration

The duration of DPT Program will be FIVE years. The program will be having total of ten (10) semesters.

Each year there will be two semesters namely the Fall Semester (September to January) and the Spring Semester (February to June).

Each semester will be of 18 weeks duration that will be arranged as follows:

Week 1 – Week 8: Teaching and training

Week 9: Mid-term Exam

Week 10 – Week17: Teaching and Training

Week 18: Final Exam

  • Credit Hours

The DPT Program has 174 credit hours. Total credit hours are accumulated in Theory credit hours 130 and practical credit hours 44 in ten semesters

  • Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction for all courses in the MPH program will be English

  • Instructional Strategies

The instructional strategies include lectures, group discussions, tutorials, seminars, problem-based learning, self-study, field work etc.


Dr. Syeda Abida Hussain Sherazi (PT)


Ph: +92-5822 960525

Cell: +92-309-3939996



  • Dr Bashir Ur Rahman Kantt MBBS MCPS FCPS PAK
  • Syeda Abida Hussain Sherazi; DPT, MSAPT PAK
  • Syeda Farah Naqvi; DPT, MS PK
  • Dr Madiha Sabar; BS Physiotherapy, TDPT PAK
  • Dr Wajhia Gull; BS Physiotherapy PAK