Faculty Members

Islamic Economy and Banking

Department of Islamic economy and Banking was established in 2016. Department offers B.S (4-year) program in Economics (Islamic Finance).

BS Economics (Islamic Finance)

The Department of Islamic Economy and Banking offers B.S (4-year) program in Economics (Islamic Finance).

Eligibility criteria for B.S Economics (Islamic Finance)

The eligibility criterion for admission in B.S Economics is FA/F.Sc/I.Com or equivalent with 2nd Division at least.

Scheme of Studies for BS Economics (Islamic Finance) from Session 2017-21 onwards.

Total numbers of Credit hours: 139
The Department of Islamic Economy and Banking offers B.S
Duration of BS Program: 4-6 Years
(4-year) program in Economics (Islamic Finance).
Semester duration: 16 weeks
Semesters: 08-12

The below Scheme of Studies is based on the consensus of the board members regarding the numbers and Choice of Courses on Islamic economics and Finance considering the availability of faculty. This Scheme of Studies could be revised & refined soon after the appointment of full-time faculty especially in
Islamic Economics and Finance.


Dr Atiq ur Rehman
Phone: +92-5822-960489
Fax: +92 5822-960480


Dr. Muhammad Jamil, Ph.D (Austria)
Dr. Sardar Javed Iqbal Khan, Ph.D (Pak)
Dr. Samina Sabir, Ph.D (PIDE)
Dr. Ghulam Yahya Khan, Ph.D (UK)
Mrs. Maryam Bashir, M.Phil (Pak)
Mrs. Amber Imtiaz, M.Phil (Pak)
Mrs. Asma Hanif Butt, MPhil (Pak)
Mr. Muhammad Luqman Khan, M.Phil (Pak)
Mr. Kamran Khan, M.Phil (Pak)
Mr. Faisal Azeem Abbasi, M.Phil. (Pak)
Ms. Zopash Khan, M.Phil (Pak)
Mr. Touseef Hameed, M.Phil (Pak)
Mr. Ashar Awan, M.Phil (Pak)
Ms. Meshal Qammer, M.Phil (Pak)
Mr. Hasan Ejaz, BS Hons (Pak)