University Overview
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University Overview

The University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir is a multicampus and multi- discipline premier public sector University of AJ&K established in 1980. It consists of three campuses namely Main campus (Muzaffarabad), Neelum campus (Athmuqam) and Jhelum Valley campus (Hattian Bala). The Main campus is a spectral combination of the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences. The Faculty of Arts consists of Art & Design, English, Institute of Education, Institute of Kashmir Studies, Institute of Languages, International Relations Kashmir Institute of Economics, Islamic Banking and Economy, Islamic Studies, Law, Management Sciences, Psychology, Sociology & Rural Development, Mass Communication and Urdu. The Faculty of Sciences includes Botany, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Computer Sciences and IT, Physics, Statistics, Mathematics, Zoology and Institute of Geology.

The Faculty of Engineering comprises of Software Engineering and Electrical Engineering departments. The Institute of Allied Health Sciences and department of Public Health constitute the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

The Neelum campus offers undergraduate degree programs in English, Geology and Computer Sciences.

Aims & Objectives

  • To admit students to the university on merit basis, following a transparent admission policy and engaging faculty of highest caliber and experience who can nurture students in getting updated knowledge in their respective fields of study and develop critical thinking in them to question the prevalent ideas and philosophies in a logical manner.
  • To provide students and faculty, excellent research experience by furnishing state of the art research facilities where they acquire practical skills to undertake sophisticated research compatible to international standard.
  • To develop communication skills in our students and faculty by advancing proficiency level so that they may be able to share their ideas and research findings with international community contributing to growth of knowledge and becoming productive members of the
  • To instill humanistic values in students and faculty where they uphold integrity, truth and fairness, promote tolerance in society and create peaceful environment for the wellbeing of the humanity and exhibit best Islamic values.

The University Campuses in Muzaffarabad

The river Neelum running through the Muzaffarabad city bifurcates the University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir into two parts i.e. the City Campus and the Chehla Campus. The City Campus is located in the heart of the city near the main business center while the Chehla Campus stands on the eastern bank of the river Neelum. One can contrast of the clamor of the downtown city life at the City Campus and the calm and serene atmosphere of Chehla Campus to match ones mood. At night, the capital city of AJ&K presents a magical view. Over viewing from the top of a mountain, it offers an array of lights which captivates the viewer.

Looking a little away from the city center, the thinly scattered lights on mountains appear like stars and you feel, for a while, as if the sky has been turned upside down. The cultural life of the city is as varied as its landscape. As one walks through the city, this contrast becomes too obvious to notice.

The University Organogram