Faculty Members

The Department of International Relations is taking off in 2019 to fulfil the need of a state of the art and excellent Institution in the field of International Relations in the University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The Department offers a very modern and diverse BS International Relations (4 Year) Degree Program to equip the students with latest knowledge and train them about emerging trends in the field of International Relations. This degree program is very important in the wake of the globalization and rapidly changing global perspectives affecting the regional and local perspectives as a trickle-down effect.

Whether you want to work in government sector, a global company, academia, or a nongovernmental office, a four year degree program in International Relations opens many doors of opportunities for you. Through our extensive range of courses including Contemporary World History, International Political Economy, International Law and Organization, Diplomacy, Globalization, Foreign Policy, Strategic Studies and Regional Economic Integration, you will be able to do organized and demanding research and will be able to understand a comprehensive details of international relations issues and how to develop scholarly perspective, as well as apply it.

This program aims to train and nurture experts in the field of International Relations and also promote research in this important perspective. The department will play its role as a Think Tank and devise and propose research based policies to the Governments for effective diplomacy and foreign policy in various significant dimensions in coming years. One of the most important objectives for the establishment of this department is to promote research on the conflict of Jammu and Kashmir in the modern and emerging trends of the International Relations as global perspective is very important to analyze and understand the nature of the conflict of Jammu and Kashmir.


Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan


Ms. Hafza Anis
Ms. Tahreem Bukhari
Ms. Nazia Imtiaz
Ms. Saba Israr
Ms. Ayesh Muqadus
Mr. Amir Habib