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Department of Mathematics was established in 1984. This is one of the largest departments of the Faculty of Sciences. The Department has expanded its programs and activities from Mathematics to Mathematical Sciences. The mission of the department is to bring life to Mathematics and Mathematics to life. Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Inter Disciplinary Mathematics areas are being pursued in teaching as well as research.

Undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs are being offered here. At all levels, students are instructed in the rigor and precision characteristics of Mathematical Reasoning. They are facilitated to become acquainted with the elementary tools of Mathematics and the techniques to use them as well as opportunities are provided to them to acquire the Mathematical knowledge and the reasoning skills necessary to make effective use of Mathematics.

Many new courses including Applied, pure and biological mathematics have been designed and approved to highlight the beauty and applicability of Mathematics. The aim of the Department’s activities is to help students to develop a required understanding and appreciation of Mathematics as a creative discipline. The library and laboratory facility also serve for this purpose.


  • To develop ability in students to formulate a problem using the language of mathematics.
  • To inculcate habits of creative thinking, critical analysis and rigorousness, so that the students start enjoying mathematics.
  • To equip students with the tools required and the mathematical techniques applied in the industrial and the business sector.
  • To propose mathematical solutions to indigenous problems arising in the industrial, the business, the financial and the health-care sectors
  • To keep the students informed and updated with the latest developments in the modern era.
  • Department organizes seminars, weekly Seminars, Invited Lectures, on latest technologies and techniques help students in achieving their goals. Faculty members/students are also allowing them to participate in such events both within and outside the university.
  • One of the prominent features of the department is its strong National linkages and somehow international. It provides opportunity to work on mutual projects, exchange research data. In addition, collaboration with Universities also provides research facilities for the faculty members to improve their education.

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Faculty Members