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The Institute of Geology is one of the oldest institutes of the University. It was established as Department of Geology in 1973 before the establishment of UAJK. The Institute offers BS Applied Geology and MS/M.Phil. Recently; the Institute has expanded its academic/ research horizons by inducting Ph.D. degree programme. The main focus of these programs is to provide orientation in the field of Applied Geology. The Institute is unearthing and exploiting the natural resources of the country and is playing an important role in socio-economic uplift of the country. The Institute also takes pride in being one of the main sources for feeding to the research organizations, universities, institutes, national and international oil companies, geotechnical organizations, Atomic Energy Commission, WAPDA, PWD, AKMIDC, highways, mining organizations, geological surveys, industry and thus is fulfilling its responsibility of increasing the professional and skilled workforce of the country.

Our geology graduates are found in nearly every organization involved in earth sciences in Azad Kashmir and Pakistan and many of them have managed to find places in international organizations. To boost up the research activities, the Institute has been publishing its own international research journal ‘Kashmir Journal of Geology’ since 1983. The Institute has crossed the national boundaries and has previously collaborated with a number of foreign universities i.e. Purdue University USA, Indiana State University USA, Zurich Institute of Technology Switzerland, Trieste university Italy and many national organizations like Atomic Energy Commission of Pakistan, Geotechnical Companies, Oil Companies, Geological Survey of Pakistan, Punjab University, Peshawar University and United States Geological Survey. It is here at this Institute that Platinum and Gold deposits in Chillas area of Northern Pakistan were discovered. It was accomplished in collaboration with Purdue University, USA. The graduates of the Institute did their research work in Azad Kashmir, Punjab, KPK, Baluchistan and Northern Areas.

The Institute sends its graduates for practical training/internship in geotechnical organizations, national and international organizations, highways, national and international oil companies, NIH, OGTI, hydrocarbon development Institute, GSP, Neelum Jhelum Hydropower, AKMIDC and other research institutes. The graduates of the Institute completed their MS and Ph.D. degree programs from U.S.A., Canada and Europe. The Institute is pioneer in starting MPhil and Ph.D. programs during 2000-2001 at the University and has produced M.Phil. students. The faculty members of the Institute are involved in various research projects from Higher Education Commission, Pakistan Science Foundation and UAJK. Many of the faculty members of the Institute have been enrolled in Ph.D. Geology degree programme. Job Opportunities The Institute is producing applied professional degree holders in the field of Geology to meet national and international requirements. The graduates are getting employment in Universities, Colleges, Research Institutes, Oil Companies, Geotechnical Organizations, WAPDA, Atomic Energy Commission, Highways, Geological Survey, geoservices companies, hydrocarbon development institutes and many more national and international organizations.



Geophysics Lab Equipment:

  1. Scintrex CG-5 Autograv Gravity meter
  2. Geometric G856 AX Proton Precession Magnetometer
  3. Trimble R4 Differential GPS
  4. Garmin eTrex 30 GPS
  5. Bartington MS3 Magnetic Susceptibility Meter with MS2B Dual Frequency Sensor and MS2k Surface Scanning Sensor
  6. Trimble Nomad Handheld

Hydrogeology Lab Equipment:

  1. Terrameter SAS 4000 with Lund Imaging System.
  2. BR 500 Water Detecting System

Geotechnical Lab/ Engineering Lab:

  1. Triaxial Machine for soil (Automatic)
  2. Triaxial machine for Rock (Semi-Automatic)
  3. Slake Durability
  4. Grinding Machine
  5. Point Load Machine
  6. Specific Gravity and water absorption Apparatus
  7. Schmidt Hammer
  8. Sonic Velocity
  9. Oscilloscope
  10. CBR Machine
  11. Los Angeles Machine
  12. Direct Shear
  13. Laser Distance

Rock cutting/ Thin Section:

  1. Grinding Machine
  2. Grinding Wheel
  3. Hot plate
  4. Microscope
  5. Sample Polishing Machine
  6. Epoxy Resin
  7. Sample Holder
  8. Slide Cutter
  9. Rock cutter Machine

Petrology Lab/ Surveying Drawing

  1. Mirror stereoscope
  2. Binocular Microscope
  3. Microscope Lamp
  4. Leitz Microscope GMBH with 4 lenses
  5. Zeiss Microscope with 3 lenses
  6. Meiji Microscope with 3 lenses
  7. Lens Leitz Microscope
  8. Zoom stereo Microscope
  9. Polarizing Microscope Model eye piece

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Phone: 92.5822.960413


Faculty Members