Friday October 20, 2017

The University Campuses in Muzaffarabad

The river Neelum running through the Muzaffarabad city bifurcates the University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir into two parts i.e. the City Campus and the Chehla Campus.

The City Campus is located in the heart of the city near the main business center while the Chehla Campus stands on the eastern bank of the river Neelum. One can contrast of the clamor of the downtown city life at the City Campus and the calm and serene atmosphere of Chehla Campus to match one’s mood. At night, the capital city of AJK presents a magical view. Overviewing from the top of a mountain, it offers an array of lights which captivates the viewer.

Looking a little away from the city center, the thinly scattered lights on mountains appear like stars and you feel, for a while, as if the sky has been turned upside down. The cultural life of the city is as varied as its landscape.

As one walks through the city, this contrast becomes too obvious to notice .

The Main Campus at Muzaffarabad

The main/central campus of UAJK in Muzaffarabad city offers hostel facilities for non-local male and female students. Hostels are furnished with all the basic needs of boarding. With a view to providing quality food at a reasonable price, two cafeterias have been set up on campus. Also present are two spacious playgrounds available for sports activities. The university hosts annual inter-collegiate and Intra-university sports events. In addition to this, indoor sports facilities are being provided in hostels where students can enjoy in their leisure time. These include table tennis, badminton and other indoor games. Transport facilities in the form of university bus service ply in and around the city from early morning to late evening in order to pick and drop the university students. In addition, a shuttle service of university transport runs between the two campuses in the city. A well-stocked University Central Library with digital access to 31000 online research journals is providing services to the students and faculty both. Two University mosques at the City campus and the Chehla campus, a Lincoln Corner, a High-tech Lab, a well-equipped Digital Video-Conference (DVC) hall, photocopying center, transport and ambulance services are some of the additional facilities worth mentioning.