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Event Details of Department of Software Engineering

  1. Two ideas from Department of Software Engineering students have been selected for the top 12 of the Pakistan Startup Cup 2022.

o Draw2Code by π‘π’ππš π…πšπ­π’π¦πš (π’πžπ¬π¬π’π¨π§ πŸπŸ–-𝟐𝟐)

o Kashmir Wander by 𝐊𝐚𝐲𝐧𝐚𝐭 πŠπ‘πšπ­π’π› (π’πžπ¬π¬π’π¨π§ πŸπŸ—-πŸπŸ‘)

  1. On 12th May 2022, One Day of Training on OBE Design & Implementation was arranged for all the faculty members of the Faculty of Engineering. Faulty members from the Department of Electrical Engineering and the Department of Software Engineering participated in this one-day training. Dr. Mehboob Alam, Associate Professor/Chairman of Electrical Engineering, University of Poonch Rawalakot was the guest speaker for this training.

One-Day of Training on OBE Design & Implementation organized by DSE

  1. On 28th March 2022 πƒπžπ©πšπ«π­π¦πžπ§π­ 𝐨𝐟 π’π¨πŸπ­π°πšπ«πž π„π§π π’π§πžπžπ«π’π§π  in collaboration with π‚πŽπƒπ„π‚π‡π€π™π„π‘ and π‚πŽπππ„π‚π“ πŠπ€π’π‡πŒπˆπ‘, hosted a seminar for students to develop their tech skills. The learned skills will help students to grow their startups and freelance careers.

Dr. Qazi Arbab Ahmed presenting Shield to the organizer of the ConnectKashmir Event held at the DSE

  1. After completing his Ph.D. from Germany, Engr. Dr. Qazi Arbab Ahmed rejoined the Department of Software Engineering on 28th Feb 2022. He was greeted warmly by the Head of the Department, Engr. Dr. Ghulam Sarwar, faculty members, lab engineers, and support staff.

Welcome to Dr. Qazi Arbab Ahmed after his return from Germany

  1. PEC Accreditation Visit

The Department of Software Engineering was given Level-1 Accreditation by PEC for batch 2017-21 after the official visit of the PEC visitation team in January 2022. PEC visitation team was received by the Dean (Faculty of Engineering) and Chairman (Department of Software Engineering). A presentation about the activities and developments in Software Engineering Department was given by the Chairman in the conference room, Department of Software Engineering. Discussions and clarifications were also made during the presentation. After the presentation, the visitation team visited the departmental library, laboratories, faculty offices, and other facilities available in the department. This was followed by a one-to-one meeting with the faculty members. The visitation team also received course folders and other files in the conference room. They showed satisfaction with the course folders and files which were not only maintained regularly and properly but also passed through quality checks. The visitation team appreciated the efforts made by the Department of Software Engineering and raised no major objections and expressed satisfaction with the continuation of the undergraduate program. An exit meeting with the Dean Faculty of Engineering and Chairman Department of Software Engineering marked the end of the visit.

PEC Accreditation Visit 2022

Some Photos to be published:

Final Year Projection Exhibition

Students working in Computer Lab

Sports Week Organized by the Department of Software Engineering

IEIS Study Abroad EXPO 22 Muzaffarabad

IEIS Study Abroad EXPO 22 Muzaffarabad