Public Health – MPH Program


MPH Program

Courses Offered in MPH Program

Code Course Title Credit Hrs
MPH 7101Epidemiology Introduction to theory and practice3
MPH 7102Statistical Methods in Public Health3
MPH 7103Communicable & Non-Communicable Disease Control3
MPH 7104Technical Report Writing & Basic Communication Skills3
MPH 7105Computer Applications in Public Health3
MPH 7106Graduate Seminar2
MPH 7107Field Visit1
Code Course Title Credit Hrs
MPH 7201Epidemiology – Application of theory & practice3
MPH 7202Nutrition3
MPH 7203Public Health Management and Policy3
MPH 7204Health Education & Promotion3
MPH 7205Occupational Health & Environmental Hazards3
MPH 7206Graduate Seminar1
MPH 7207Field Visit2
Code Course Title Credit Hrs
MPH 7301Hospital Management3
MPH 7302Community Interventions in Reproductive Health3
MPH 7303Primary Health Care3
MPH 7304Research & Ethics3
MPH 7305Project Management3
MPH 7306Health Economics3
Code Course Title Credit Hrs
MPH 7401 MPH Thesis6