M.Phil & Ph.D Program


M.Phil & Ph.D Program

Courses Offered in M.Phil and Ph.D Program

Course CodeCourse TitleLac. Hrs
ZOO-7S01Advances in Immunology3
ZOO-7S02Advance Instrumental Techniques3
ZOO-7S03Advances in Animal Physiology3
ZOO-7S04Advances in Aquaculture3
ZOO-7S05Advances in Medical Parasitology3
ZOO-7S06Advances in Microbiology3
ZOO-7S07Advances in Molecular Biology3
ZOO-7S08Advances in Molecular Cell  Biology3
ZOO-7S09Advances in Molecular Genetics3
ZOO-7S10Advances In Aquatic Ecology & Management3
ZOO- 7S11An Introduction to Molecular Ecology3
ZOO- 7S12Animal Biotechnology3
ZOO-7S13Applications of Biotechnology3
ZOO-7S14Applications of Molecular Ecology3
ZOO-7S15Applied Entomology3
ZOO-7S16Applied Genetics3
ZOO-7S17Bacterial Genetics3
ZOO-7S18Behavioural Ecology3
ZOO-7S19Biochemistry of Drug Action3
Course CodeCourse TitleLac. Hrs
ZOO-7S22Biological Toxicology3
ZOO-7S23Biology and Control of Vertebrate3
ZOO-7S25Biology of Birds and Mammals in Pakistan and AJK3
ZOO-7S26Cancer Biology3
ZOO-7S27Cancer Genetics3
ZOO-7S28Clinical Teratology3
ZOO-7S29Comparative Vertebrate Endocrinology3
ZOO-7S30Conservation Biology of wildlife3
ZOO-7S31Conservation Genetics3
ZOO-7S32Endangered Species and their Management3
ZOO-7S33Environment Health and Medicines3
ZOO-7S34Environmental Biotechnology3
ZOO-7S35Environmental Issues in Pakistan3
ZOO-7S36Enzyme Technology3
ZOO-7S37Fish Bioenergetics3
ZOO-7S38Fish Physiology and Breeding3
ZOO-7S39Food Biotechnology3
ZOO-7S40Forensic Science3
ZOO-7S41Freshwater Fish Culture3
ZOO-7S42Fundamentals of Biotechnology3
ZOO-7S43Fundamentals of Microbiology3
ZOO-7S44General and Comparative Endocrinology3
ZOO-7S45Genetics and Biotechnology in aquaculture3
ZOO-7S47GIS Techniques3
Course CodeCourse TitleLac. Hrs
ZOO-7S48Human Molecular Genetics3
ZOO-7S49Inland Fisheries Resources3
ZOO-7S50Medical Biotechnology3
ZOO-7S51Microbiology and Biotechnology3
ZOO-7S52Modern fish processing and quality Standards3
ZOO-7S53Molecular Virology3
ZOO-7S54Oncology & Growth Control3
ZOO-7S55Pharmaceutical  Biotechnology3
ZOO-7S56Physiology of Excitable Tissues
ZOO-7S57Population Genetics3
ZOO-7S58Principles and Kinetics of Toxicology3
ZOO-7S59Principles of Ornithology3
ZOO-7S60Principles of Wildlife Management3
ZOO-7S61Recombinant DNA Technology3
ZOO-7S62Regulation of Gene Expression3
ZOO-7S63Reproductive Animal Biotechnology3
ZOO-7S64Restoration Ecology and Sustainable Development3
ZOO-7S65Scientific Writing & Publishing Results3
ZOO-7S66Stem Cells Biology3
ZOO-7S67Systemic Toxicology3
ZOO-7S68Techniques in Biotechnology3
ZOO-7S69Wildlife of Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir3
ZOO-7S70Wildlife Study Techniques3
Course CodeCourse TitleLec. HrsLab. Hrs
ZOO-7S71Thesis (M.phil.)00
ZOO-7S72Reading and Conference00
Scheme of Study for Ph.D.
Duration6-10 Semester
Courses18 Credits hours minimum
Reading and Conference01 Credits
Thesis26 Credits

List of Floating (Elective) Courses for Ph.D. Zoology 1st & 2nd Semesters

Course CodeCourse TitleLac. Hrs
ZOO-9S01Advances in Immunology3
ZOO-9S02Advance Instrumental Techniques3
ZOO-9S03Advances in Animal Physiology3
ZOO-9S04Advances in Aquaculture3
ZOO-9S05Advances in Medical Parasitology3
ZOO-9S06Advances in Microbiology3
ZOO-9S07Advances in Molecular Biology3
ZOO-9S08Advances in Molecular Cell  Biology3
ZOO-9S09Advances in Molecular Genetics3
ZOO-9S10Advances In Aquatic Ecology & Management3
ZOO- 9S11An Introduction to Molecular Ecology3
ZOO- 9S12Animal Biotechnology3
ZOO-9S13Applications of Biotechnology3
ZOO-9S14Applications of Molecular Ecology3
ZOO-9S15Applied Entomology3
ZOO-9S16Applied Genetics3
ZOO-9S17Bacterial Genetics3
ZOO-9S18Behavioural Ecology3
ZOO-9S19Biochemistry of Drug Action3
ZOO-9S22Biological Toxicology3
ZOO-9S23Biology and Control of Vertebrate Pests3
ZOO-9S24Biology of Birds and Mammals in Pakistan and AJK3
ZOO-9S25Cancer Biology3
ZOO-9S26Cancer Genetics3
ZOO-9S27Clinical Teratology3
ZOO-9S28Comparative Vertebrate Endocrinology3
Course CodeCourse TitleLac. Hrs
ZOO-9S29Conservation Biology of wildlife3
ZOO-9S30Conservation Genetics3
ZOO-9S31Endangered Species and their Management3
ZOO-9S32Environment Health and Medicines3
ZOO-9S33Environmental Biotechnology3
ZOO-9S34Environmental Issues in Pakistan3
ZOO-9S35Enzyme Technology3
ZOO-9S36Fish Bioenergetics3
ZOO-9S37Fish Physiology and Breeding3
ZOO-9S38Food Biotechnology3
ZOO-9S39Forensic Science3
ZOO-9S40Freshwater Fish Culture3
ZOO-9S41Fundamentals of Biotechnology3
ZOO-9S42Fundamentals of Microbiology3
ZOO-9S43General and Comparative Endocrinology3
ZOO-9S44Genetics and Biotechnology in aquaculture3
ZOO-9S46GIS Techniques3
ZOO-9S47Human Embryology and Teratology3
ZOO-9S48Human Molecular Genetics3
ZOO-9S49Inland Fisheries Resources3
ZOO-9S50Medical Biotechnology3
ZOO-9S51Microbiology and Biotechnology3
ZOO-9S52Modern fish processing and quality Standards3
ZOO-9S53Molecular Virology3
ZOO-9S54Oncology & Growth Control3
ZOO-9S55Pharmaceutical  Biotechnology3
ZOO-9S56Physiology of Excitable Tissues
ZOO-9S57Population Genetics3
Course CodeCourse TitleLac. Hrs
ZOO-9S58Principles and Kinetics of Toxicology3
ZOO-9S59Principles of Ornithology3
ZOO-9S60Principles of Wildlife Management3
ZOO-9S61Recombinant DNA Technology3
ZOO-9S62Regulation of Gene Expression3
ZOO-9S63Reproductive Animal Biotechnology3
ZOO-9S64Restoration Ecology and Sustainable Development3
ZOO-9S65Scientific Writing & Publishing Results3
ZOO-9S66Stem Cells Biology3
ZOO-9S67Systemic Toxicology3
ZOO-9S68Techniques in Biotechnology3
ZOO-9S69Wildlife of Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir3
ZOO-9S70Wildlife Study Techniques3
Ph.D. 3rd and 4th Semester 
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hrs
Zoo-9S72Reading and Conference1