M.Sc Economics

 Course Code  Course TitleCredit Hrs
ECO-5101Micro Economics-I3
ECO-5102Macro Economics-I3
ECO-5103Mathematical Economics-I3
ECO-5105Islamic Economics3
 Course Code  Course TitleCredit Hrs
ECO-5202International Trade3
ECO-5203Development Economics3
ECO-5204Monetary Economics3
ECO-5205Mathematical Economics-II3
ECO-5206Ethics and Universal Values2
 Course Code  Course TitleCredit Hrs
ECO-6301Micro Economics-II3
ECO-6302Macro Economics-II3
ECO-6303Research Methods & Computer Applications3
ECO-6304Issues in Pakistan Economy3
Optional Course-I3
 Course Code  Course TitleCredit Hrs
ECO-6401Public Finance3
ECO-6402Research Workshop and Field WorkS/U Basis
ECO-6403Comprehensive Oral ExaminationS/U Basis
ECO-6404Internship/Practical TrainingS/U Basis
ECO-6405Applied  Econometrics3
ECO-6406Thesis (Optional)6
Optional Course-II (Emerging Issues in Pakistan Economy)3
Optional III3
Optional IV (All students)3
 Course Code  Course TitleCredit Hrs
ECO-6305Please mentioned the name of Course Title (Mam. Sobia)3
ECO-6306Comparative Economics Systems3
ECO-6307Project Formulation and Evaluation3
ECO-6308Agricultural Economics3
ECO-6309Economics for Rural Development3
ECO-6310Disaster Economics3
ECO-6311Demographic Economics3
ECO-6312International Finance3
4th Semester
 Course Code  Course TitleCredit Hrs
ECO-6407Resource Economics3
ECO-6408Banking and Finance3
ECO-6409Economic Planning3
ECO-6410Islamic Banking and Finance3
ECO-6411Production Economics3
ECO-6412Human Resource Development3
ECO-6413Introduction to Divine Economics3
ECO-6414Topics in Islamic Economics3
ECO-6415Labour Economics3
ECO-6416Environmental Economics3
ECO-6417Topics in Kashmir Economics3

Besides the above optional subjects the following courses can also be offered whenever possible.

 Course Code  Course TitleCredit Hrs
ECO-6418Regional Economics3
ECO-6419Health Economics3
ECO-6420Financial Institutions and Markets3
ECO-6421Emerging Issues in Pakistan Economy3
ECO-6422Advance Quantitative Techniques3
ECO-6423Urban Economics3
ECO-6424General Equilibrium and Welfare Economics3
ECO-6425Entrepreneurial Economics3
ECO-6426World Economic History3
ECO-6427Macroeconomic Controversies3
ECO-6428Institutional Economics3