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Teacher-educators play an important role in shaping up the life and competence of prospective teachers, it is, therefore, essential for them to be adequately equipped with the required skills that will enable them to present themselves as a perfect role model for the prospective teachers. This indicates the importance of effective teaching learning systems in teacher education Programs. The Institute of Education is one of the pioneering Institutes of Pakistan and AJK which offered four years Degree Programs designed as per HEC guidelines and while keeping in view the New Education Policy 2009, the National Professional Standards for Teachers in Pakistan and Accreditation Standards for Degree Programs. The Institute is also accredited in category “Y” by National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (NACTE). The Institute offers: A.D.E. in-service, later teachers Programs Four years B. Ed (Hons) earlier (Elementary/Secondary) and M.Phil. All these Programs are designed to meet the market needs of education sector. The courses and activities are designed to cultivate practical skills for teaching and research in our standard teacher. To respond to the drastically changing scenario and needs of modern teaching requirement of our children in school, Institute of Education is committed to excellence through preparing professional teachers, competent educational managers and visionary policy makers.


Dr. Batool Atta,
Ph.D. (USA)
Phone: 05822-960451


Dr. Maliha Nasir, Ph.D. (Pak)
Dr. Naeem Khwaja, Ph.D. (USA)
Dr. Tanveer Hussain Shah, Ph.D. (USA)
Syed Jawad Zareen, Ph.D. Scholar, (Pak)
Rabia Khurshid, M.Phil. Scholar, (Pak)
M. Kashif Khurshid, M. Phil Scholar, (Pak)
Asthma Zia, M. Phil, (Pak)
Raja Adeel Ahmed Khan, M. Phil, (Pak)
Saima Saeed, M.Phil. Scholar, (Pak)
Syed Qasim Bukhari, M.Phil. Scholar, (Pak)