Electrical Engineering Department

Electrical Engineering Department

Monday September 25, 2017


The University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (UAJ&K) Muzaffarabad has established Department of Electrical Engineering in accordance with the regulations and guidelines of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). The Electrical Engineering is professional Engineering that encompasses wide range of areas including Electronics, optoelectronics, power, control systems, signal processing, telecommunications, Computer and Avionics.
The electrical engineering department at (UAJ&K) is intended to prepare the students to become professional electrical engineers capable of applying their knowledge to solve practical electrical engineering problems. The Department offers a four year Bachelors in Electrical Engineering Program with strong focus on teaching and practical skills.


Program:    BS Electrical Engineering Courses Detail
FSc Pre Engineering with 60% Marks / A- Level (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry)
Scheme of Studies BS Electrical Engineering
Duration: 8 Semester
Courses & Lab: 134 Credits
Reading and Conference: 0 Credits
Thesis: 6 Credits
Comprehensive Oral Examination: -1
Internship/Practical training: -1
Total Credit Hours: 140 Credits



Faisal Mehmood Butt