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Kashmir is the land of unique and charismatic beauty, ancient literature, glorious culture, languages, religions, arts and crafts, music and dance.
The department of Art & Design started functioning in 1980, bearing the name of University College of Textile Designing in Old Campus, Muzaffarabad. It is the only institution of its kind in Azad Kashmir. The Department of Art and Design has launched the four-year program of BFA. This program is being conducted under the Semester System comprising eight semesters. A unique feature of this program is that it represents a balanced blend of classical and modern trends,theoretical and practical knowledge related to the field of Art and Design. For effective exploitation of experience, skills, technical knowledge of teaching staff and to impart training to the students, the following three disciplines have been introduced;

Bachelor in Textile Design 4-year Program
Bachelor in Graphics Design 4-year Program
Bachelor in Painting 4-year Program

Facilities are provided to the students to bring the level of our education at par with National College of Arts, Lahore. Latest courses are offered in accordance with the recommendations of Higher Education Commission. Having passed this course a vast field of opportunities is open to those who are keen to carry on with their academic pursuits.
The Department of Art & Design has great potential to expand in diverse fields/ subjects which are of great relevance to the present day needs of the work market. It has been set up with an aim to provide the students with the best academic life to meet the challenges of practical lifein the relevant field of profession.


Mr. Adnan Rahman
LLM, (Pak)
Ph: +92-5822-960450


Syed Mudassar Fida Gerdazi, PhD Scholar (Pak)
Syed Hassnat Ahmed Shah LLM, (Pak)
Syed Murad Ali Shah, Ph.D Scholar (Turkey)
Syed Muhammad Farrukh Bukhari,
Ph.D Scholar (Turkey)
Ms. Mehwish Kazmi, LL.B (Pak)
Ms. Ghulam Aisha Abbasi, LLM, (Pak)

Adjunct/Visiting Faculty (Core Subjects)

Dr. Khurshid Iqbal, PhD (UK), Dean Faculty of KP
Judicial Academy Peshawar
Dr. M. Nawaz (al Hassani), PhD (Pak)
Post Doc. (Belgium), Faculty at IIU Islamabad
Dr. Ahmed Ali Ghouri, PhD, Post Doc., University of Turku, Finland,
Faculty at University of Sussax, UK
Mr. Abdul Jaleel, Honorary PhD, (France),
Chief Administration (r) FBR, Islamabad
Dr. M. Nawaz Qaisrani, PhD, (Russia), Faculty at IIU Islamabad
Dr. M. Azam, PhD (Pak), Faculty at University of Sargodha
Mr. Muhammad Idrees Abbasi, PhD Scholar (Pak)
Secretary Law Azad Government, Muzaffarabad
Mr. Abdul Shakoor Mehrvi, PhD Scholar (Pak) District Qazi, Muzaffarabad
Mr. Muhammad Ilyas Afridi, LL.M (Pak), Advocate Supreme Court
Sardar Rahim LL.B (Pak), Secretary (Retd.) Azad Government
Mr. Muhammad Ilyas Abbasi LL.B (Pak),
Secretary (Retd.) Azad Government
Mr. K.D. Khan LL.B (Pak), Advocate Supreme Court
Raja Mazhar Waheed, M.A, LL.B (Pak)
Legal Advisor SERRA, Muzaffarabad
Syed Shahid Bahar LL.B (Pak), Advocate Supreme Court
Syed Zulqarnain Naqvi, M.A, LL.M Scholar (Pak) Advocate High Court
Syed Asad Ali Kazmi, LL.B (Pak), Advocate High Court
Ms. Shama Hameed, LL.M (Scholar) (Pak) Advocate
Mr. Abdul Naeem, LL.B (Pak) Advocate
Ms.Bushra Nawaz, LL.M Scholar (Pak) Advocate
Ms. Farheen Aziz LL.M Scholar (Pak) Advocate High Court
Ms. Irum Habib, LL.B (Pak) Advocate