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Message from Dean Faculty of Engineering

Dear Students

It is my privilege to welcome you to the Faculty of Engineering. Our faculty of engineering is the most worthwhile engineering faculty in Azad Kashmir. It was established about 08 years back. In a short time, it has made a tremendous progress.

Our curricula are dynamic and updated from time to time to equip our students with the latest information and changing technology. Our faculty is staffed with highly qualified MS and PhD teachers. The teachers are recognized for their competence and technical knowledge as well as their ethical, moral and social responsibilities.

I am glad to share that in the recent years, we have inducted teachers with extensive and recognized academic and research services. We have established collaborative linkages with different national and international engineering institutions so as to enable our students have an access to modern research skills and knowledge in engineering.

We are giving due consideration to accreditation of our various engineering programs so as to relieve our students of mental worries before stepping into practical life. Our engineering programs have been accredited properly by the responsible and concerned forums. Only recently, our electrical engineering program has been accorded accreditation by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). I am confident that you will be happy to join our faculty.

Best of luck.
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Qayyum

Faculty of Engineering