Faculty Members


M.Phil & Ph.D Program

Courses Offered in M.Phil & Ph.D Program

Code Subject
CHM-7a89  Research Methodology and scientific writing
CHM-7a90  Computer for Chemists
CHM-8496  M.Phil. Seminar (Semester-IV)
CHM-8397  M.Phil. Thesis (Compulsory) (Semester-IV)
Organic Chemistry Semester I
CHM-7a41  Advanced Stereochemistry
CHM-7a42  Modern Trends in Organic Synthesis
CHM-7a43  Chemistry of Primary Metabolites
CHM-7a44  Biosynthesis of Natural Products
CHM-7a45  Reactive Intermediates in Organic Chemistry
CHM-7a46  Advanced Heterocyclic Chemistry
CHM-7a47  Medicinal Chemistry-1 (An Entrance to Drug Designing)
CHM-7a48  Principles of Pharmacology
Semester II
CHM-7a49  Physico-organic Chemistry and Reaction Mechanism
CHM-7a50  Advanced Organic Photochemistry
CHM-7a51  Chemistry of Secondary Metabolites
CHM-7a52 Chemistry of Glycosides
CHM-7a53  Pericyclic Reactions: Theory and Applications
CHM-7a54  Advanced Instrumental Techniques
CHM-7a55 Medicinal Chemistry – II
CHM-7a56  Medicinal (Organic) Chemistry – 3 (Drug Development/ Medicinal Chemistry)
CHM-7a57 Chemistry of Organometallic Compounds
Floating Courses
CHM-7a58  Advanced Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
CHM-7a59 Mass Spectrometry
CHM-7a60  Organic Polymer Chemistry
CHM-7a61  Special Topics in Organic Chemistry
CHM-7a62  Forensic Chemistry
CHM-7a65  Advances in Clinical Biochemistry
CHM-7a66 Biochemistry of Disease
CHM-7a67  Cell Biology
CHM-7a68  Enzymes
CHM-7a69 Plant Biotechnology
CHM-7a70  Transcriptomics
CHM-7a71  Fermentation and Biotransformation
CHM-7a72 Molecular Biology
CHM-7a73  Storage and expression of genetic information
CHM-7a74  Advanced Immunology
CHM-7a75 Kallikreins
CHM-7a76 Metabolic regulation
CHM-7a77  Metabolomics
CHM-7a78 Proteomics
CHM-7a79  RNA Processing
CHM-7a80  Biological Oxidations
Floating Courses
CHM-7a81  Biochemical Techniques
CHM-7a82 Biostatistics
CHM-7a83  Carbohydrates structures and metabolism
CHM-7a84  Protein structures and metabolism
CHM-7a85  Lipid chemistry and metabolism
CHM-7a86  Biochemical endocrinology
CHM-7a87  Recombinant DNA technology
a  CHM-7abc Courses in the discipline of research
b  CHM-7abc
c  CHM-7abc
d CHM-7abc
e  CHM-7abc
f  CHM-7a91 Project Writing
g  CHM-7092 Chemistry and Economy of Pakistan
h  CHM-7a93-96 Advanced Material Chemistry
i  CHM-7097 Review Writing
(Six courses to be opted from a to I)
CHM-9698 PhD Seminar (Compulsory)
CHM-9399 PhD Thesis (Compulsory)