Monday September 25, 2017

Directorate of Student Financial Assistance & University Advancement

(a) Student Financial Assistance

The Directorate of Student Financial Assistance & University Advancement (SFA & UA) serves as a catalyst to support University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (UAJK) in fundraising, establishing publicprivate linkages, help the students to meet financial requirements for their education, providing career services to students and developing alumni engagement programs.

Financial Assistance is provided to enhance opportunities for access to higher education especially to talented but financially constrained students who, despite possessing academic merit, are unable to finance their education. The Student Financial Assistance Section is responsible to:

1. Streamline financial assistance mechanisms for the meritorious and financially deprived students of the society;
2. Promote transparency in financial assistance programs;
3. Developing linkages with the community; industry, alumni, donor agencies and charitable organizations for raising funds for the Students and the University endowment fund.

In this regard following main scholarship programs are being offered to the students:
1. Prime Minister's Tuition Fee Reimbursement Program for Selected Regions
2. Pak-USAID Merit and Needs Based Scholarship Program
3. HEC Need Based Scholarship Program
4. Ihsan Trust Qarz e Hasna Scheme
5. HEC French Need Based Scholarship
6. HBL Foundation Scholarship
7. Punjab Educational Endowment Fund Scholarship


Kh. Aftab Qadir Kant
Cell: 0333.5168489

Assistant Director
Syed Murad Hussain


Students, selected for admission to various courses/ programmes can apply for departmental merit scholarships paid to three merit holders. In the final year, scholarship is awarded on merit in the previous term. The scholarship is granted for a maximum period of 12 calendar months. Some scholarships from donor agencies as mentioned below are also available to students:

Note: A student is eligible for only one kind of scholarship at a time. The scholarship committee invites application from the students for the grant of scholarships on merit basis.


Pakistan Qualification Register

​The Pakistan Qualification Register (PQR) is the key component of the Pakistan Qualification Framework (PQF). It contains the details of the qualification and providers recognized/accredited by the Higher Education Commission. The qualifications not listed at the PQR are not recognized by Higher Education Commission.​
Pakistan Qualification Register (PQR) is a comp​rehensive list of all quality assured higher qualifications in Pakistan. The Pakistan Qualification Register is a list containing every Qualification and the providers/Higher Education Institutions recognized/accredited to deliver and issue those qualifications. The register encompasses only Quality Assured Qualifications and Higher Education Institutions recognized by Higher Education Commission Pakistan.

Objectives of the Pakistan Quality Register

  • It helps to make available the Quality Assured and accredited/recognized qualifications/ programs to all the stakeholders
  • It helps in international recognition of the qualifications
  • It facilitates in trans-national mobility of the learners and the graduates
  • It helps in recognition of credit transfer process

Focal Person for PQR

Muhammad Saghir
Ph. (Off) (+92)5822-960403,Cell +92-300-9890001, Fax: (092)5822-960437,