M.Phil & Ph.D Program


M.Phil & Ph.D Program

Courses Offered in M.Phil

CodeCourse TitleLec. HrsLab. HrsCredit hours
PHY-7W01Method of Mathematical Physics-I303
PHY-7W03Advance Quantum Mechanics-I303
PHY-7W04Methods & Techniques of Experimental Physics-I303
PHY-7W05Physics of Semiconductors303
PHY-7W06Nuclear Physics-I303
PHY-7W07Material Science-I303
PHY-7W08Plasma Physics-I303
CodeCourse TitleLec. HrsLab. HrsCredit hours
PHY-7W09Physics of thin Films-I303
PHY-7W10Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy303
PHY-7W11Particle Physics303
PHY-7W12Advanced Quantum Mechanics -II303
PHY-7W13Methods and Techniques of Experimental Physics-II303
PHY-7W14Physics of Semiconductors Devices303
PHY-7W15Nuclear Physics-II303
PHY-7W16Material Science -II303
PHY-7W17Plasma Physic-II303
PHY-7W18Physics of thin films–II303
PHY-7W19Dielectric Properties of Solids303
PHY-7W20Material Studies by Electron Emission303
PHY-7W21Defects in Materials and Measuring Techniques303
PHY-7W22Surface Science and PHY-7214303
PHY-7W23Nano-Science and Technology303
PHY-7W24Reading and conference001
PHY-7W25Imaging & characterization303
Techniques for nanostructures
PHY-7W26Magnetism and Magnetic materials303
PHY-7W27Magnetism & Spintronics303
PHY-7W28Techniques of Experimental Physics & data analysis303
PHY-7W29Magnetism in condense matter303
PHY-7W30Thin Films and Nanofabrication303
PHY-7W31Advanced computational Physics213
PHY-7W32Radiation Physics-I303
PHY-7W33Radiation Physics-II303
PHY-7W34Environmental Physics303
PHY-7W35Non-Linear Dynamics in Physics303
PHY-7W36Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations213
PHY-7W37Solar Energy Conversion Techniques303
CodeCourse TitleLec. HrsLab. HrsCredit hours
PHY-7400M.Phil. Thesis6as per its nature6

Courses Offered in Ph.D Program

Scheme of Study for Ph.D.
(For M Phil Degree Holder) (For M.Sc. Degree holder)
Duration: 6-10 Semesters 6-10 Semesters
Courses: 18 Credits 42 (24+18) Credits
Thesis: 60 Credits 60 Credits