M.Phil and Ph.D Program


M.Phil – Ph.D

Scheme of Studies for M. Phil /Ph.D

M.Phil Economics: List of Compulsory Courses (09+6 Credits)

 Course CodeCourse  TitleCredit Hrs
ECO-7101Microeconomics Theory3
ECO-7102Macroeconomics Theory3
ECO-7103Econometrics Theory3
ECO-7104Ethics and Universal Values3
ECO-7201Research Workshop and Field WorkS/U

Ph.D in Economics: List of Compulsory Courses (09+24 Credits)

 Course Code  Course  TitleCredit Hrs
ECO-7301Topics in Microeconomics3
ECO-7302Topics in Macroeconomics3
ECO-7303Topics in Econometrics3
ECO-7304Ethics and Universal Values3
Comprehensive Examinations Written/OralS/U
ECO-7305Research Workshop and Field WorkS/U
Economic Theory  
 Course Code  Course  TitleCredit Hrs
ECO-7105Advanced Microeconomics Theory3
ECO-7106Advanced Macroeconomics Theory3
ECO-7107General Equilibrium & Welfare Economics3
ECO-7108Macroeconomic Dynamics & Growth Theory3
ECO-7109History of Economic Thought3
ECO-7110Behavioral & Experimental Economics3
ECO-7111Capital and Growth3
Mathematical Economics  
 Course Code  Course  TitleCredit Hrs
ECO-7112Static and Dynamic Optimization3
ECO-7113Operations Research Methods for Economists Real Analysis3
ECO-7114Mathematical Modeling3
ECO-7115Linear Algebra & Calculus3
ECO-7116Input-Output Models3
ECO-7117Methods & Models of Economic Dynamics3
ECO-7118Research Methods & Quantitative Techniques2
ECO-7119Applied Economics workshops1
Note: ECO-7119 will be offer as compulsory course with ECO-7118
 Course Code  Course  TitleCredit Hrs
ECO-7120Statistical Research Methods3
ECO-7121Bayesian Econometrics3
ECO-7122Probability Theory3
ECO-7123Multivariate Analysis3
ECO-7124Time Series Analysis3
ECO-7125Panel Econometrics3
ECO-7126Topics in Applied Econometrics3
Islamic Economics  
 Course Code  Course  TitleCredit Hrs
ECO-7127Fundamentals in Islamic Economics3
ECO-7128Topics in Islamic Economics3
ECO-7129Leading Issues in Islamic Economics & Finance3
ECO-7130Monetary & Fiscal Framework for an Islamic Economy3
ECO-7131Economic Development in Islamic Perspective3
ECO-7132Income Distribution and Poverty Alleviation (in faith perspective)3
ECO-7133Comparative Economic Systems3
ECO-7134Classics in Islamic Economics3
Monetary Economics
 Course Code  Course  TitleCredit Hrs
ECO-7135Advanced Monetary Theory3
ECO-7136Topics in Monetary Economics3
ECO-7137Monetary Policy Analysis3
Public Sector Economics & Finance
 Course Code  Course  TitleCredit Hrs
ECO-7138Advanced Public Economics3
ECO-7139Topics in Public Economics3
ECO-7140Fiscal Policy Analysis3
ECO-7141Taxation Structure of Pakistan3
ECO-7142Debt Sustainability and Economics Management3
International Economics
 Course Code  Course  TitleCredit Hrs
ECO-7143International Trade Theory3
ECO-7144 International Trade policy3
ECO-7145Globalization and Economic Integration ( WTO RTAs)3
ECO-7146Globalization & Economic Challenges for Developing Economies3
ECO-7147International Finance Topics3
ECO-7148International Finance policies3
Development Economics
 Course Code  Course  TitleCredit Hrs
ECO-7149Topics  in Development Economics3
ECO-7150Development Policy & Planning3
ECO-7151Topics in Human Resource Development3
ECO-7152Income Distribution and Poverty Alleviation3
Divine Economics
 Course Code  Course  TitleCredit Hrs
ECO-7153Introduction to Divine Economics3
ECO-7154Economics of Wellbeing3
ECO-7155Disaster Economics3
ECO-7156Progress in Economics of Religion3
ECO-7157Economics of the Future3
ECO-7158Comparative Economics Systems and Blocks3
ECO-7159Comparative Case Studies of Economic Performance3
ECO-7160HRD-II (Faith perspective)3
ECO-7161Health Economics-II (Faith perspective)3
ECO-7162Economics of Social Problems3
ECO-7163Economics of Governance and Management3
ECO-7164Economics of Religious, Technical and General Education3
 Course Code  Course  TitleCredit Hrs
ECO-7165Topics  in Pakistan Economy3
ECO-7166Natural Resource Economics3
ECO-7167Topics  in Energy Economics3
ECO-7168Topics in Urban Economics3
ECO-7169Topics in Labor Economics3
ECO-7170Economics of Governance and Management3
ECO-7171Topics in Azad Jammu Kashmir Economy3
ECO-7172Topics in Agricultural Economics3
ECO-7173Regional Economics3
ECO-7174Economics of Arts and Crafts3
ECO-7176Economics of Tourism3
ECO-7177Environmental Economics3
ECO-7178Research Methodology and Applied Econometrics3
ECO-7179Applied Micro econometrics3
ECO-7180Applied Macro econometrics3
ECO-7181Macroeconomics in a global context3
ECO-7182Open Economy Macroeconomics3
ECO-7183Governance and Sustainability3
ECO-7184Economic Change and Ideas3
ECO-7185Pakistan Economic History3
ECO-7186Banking, Money and Finance3
ECO-7187The Economics of Developing Countries3
ECO-7188The Economics of Middle East3
ECO-7189The Economics of SAARC countries3
ECO-7190Tourism Economics and Management3
ECO-7191Labor Economics3
ECO-7192Advance Mathematical Economics3
ECO-7193Issues in Economic Theory3
ECO-7194Recent Development in Economic Theory3
ECO-7195Economics of Religion [EoR] models3
ECO-7196Institutional Economics3
ECO-7197Issues in Energy Economics3