Information Technology Center (ITC)

Friday October 20, 2017

    This center is responsible for the following services:

  • Implementation, updating and maintenance of UMIS
  • To provide and maintain the overall Information and Communication Technology infrastructure at all campuses of the university.
  • Content management and updating University/Faculty/Student web portal regularly.
  • To provide technical skills related to programming to faculty/researchers to complete their research work where such technology will be needed.
  • To provide video conferencing system at all campuses for online lectures and Net-meeting when required.
  • Students and teachers will avail the facility of Internet and digital library for which bandwidth (PERN) has already been arranged from HEC.
  • University/Faculty/Student web portal can be updated for teachers and students to increase the efficiency. There can be email as well as the link for every subject that could include notices, teaching material for students to download, upload assignments, display results and attendance. The site will have different rights for different users.
  • To arrange special training/workshops for the existing computer faculty and IT professionals to update them with new technology in different areas of computer science when required.
  • To establish well equipped computer Labs in different departments where required.
  • Lab Engineers/Network Admin/System Engineers will be responsible for carrying extensive lab work from students given by concerned teacher.
  • There will be computer workshop under this center supervised by a qualified computer hardware engineer to provide hardware maintenance to different departments and sections of the university.
  • Data entry operators of different departments will work under the supervision of this center after UMIS deployment and all these operations will be monitored for the smooth execution.
  • To provide IT training to concerned employees (teachers, officers and university employees) to use different modules of UMIS when needed.
  • To establish software development section to provide software solutions to other departments of government on commercial basis to increase the university income.
  • To collaborate with IT industry involving computer science and engineering students to enhance their skills.
  • To collaborate with other organizations working on IT, telecom and engineering sectors to improve the standard of education in the university.
  • Help Desk / Complaints

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