Information Technology Center (ITC)

Friday October 20, 2017

The responsibilities of this section are as follows but not be limited to:

  • To provide and maintain networks and communication infrastructure at all campuses and departments of the university for the implementation of UMIS.
  • Management of Network Servers.
  • Management of Network applications.
  • Designing and implementing new Network requirements.
  • Management of switches, routers, firewalls.
  • Management of other Network services/equipment.
  • To facilitate software development section regarding network and communication.
  • User and account management for all departments and sections.
  • Installation and configuration.
  • To establish and maintain computer workshop for hardware maintenance.
  • To establish and maintain computer labs in different teaching departments when required.
  • To ensure the network security and data integrity.
  • Tasks and duties assigned by the head of the ITC.

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