Department of Software Engineering

Monday October 23, 2017

Faculty Profile of Dr. Rabia Riaz

Pernsonal Detail:

  • Ph.D in Electrical Engineering

PhD PhD (Network Security)
AJOU Univeristy South Korea From:2003-08-20 To:2008-12-16



  • Area of specialization "Wireless Sensor Network Security"


    Book (2013)
  • Sammee Mushtaq Bazaz, Junaid Gul, Rabia Riaz, ,Optimal Guard Node Placement Using SGLD and Energy Factor ,LAMBERT Academic Publishing,
  • Book (2009)
  • Rabia Riaz, Ki-Hyung Kim, and H. Farooq Ahmed ,A Unified Security Framework for IP Based Wireless Sensor Network ,VDM Verlag
  • Journal (2012)
  • Junaid Gul, Sammee Mushtaq, RabiaRiaz ,87-92 ,“OPTIMAL GUARD NODE PLACEMENT USING SGLD and ENERGY FACTOR” ,Journal of Computing , :IF: 0.21
  • Journal (2008)
  • Rabia Riaz, Ayesha Naureen, Attiya Akram, Ali Hammad Akbar, Ki-Hyung Kim, and H. Farooq Ahmed, ,4269–4 ,A Unified Security Framework with Three Key Management Schemes for Wireless Sensor Networks ,Computer Communication Journal , :IF: I.F 1.695
  • Others (2008)
  • Rabia Riaz, Ki-Hyung Kim , “Method For Managing Security In Wireless Network And Apparatus For Performing The Same ,Republic of Korea Intellectual Property Office, Registration no. 10-0854680

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