THE Neelum Campus

Saturday November 18, 2017


Neelum Campus of UAJK has been launched and God willing, classes of English and Computer Sciences will commence from September, 2013 therein. The government of Azad Jammu & Kashmir has provided space from education department faculties on temporary basis, however, it will ensure the availability of the adequate space on permanent basis for the construction of purpose built campus. Presently, classes in two programmes will be started which will be strengthened keeping further in view the need of the area. The UAJK is confident that the Neelum Valley, besides a tourist hub, will also become an educational hub. With the establishment of Neelum Campus, the people of the backward areas like Neelum Valley will have an access to higher education facilities at their door steps. The Neelum Campus is a boon from University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir to the people of Neelum Valley. Neelum Campus will go along way in improving and enhancing the standard of higher education in the area. It will also embark upon the efforts to revive the old status of Neelum Valley as an educational hub. It will resurrect the old monumental tradition of old great Bhuddist University Sharda.