M.Phil. and Ph.D. Program

Courses Offered in M.Phil. and Ph.D. Program

Course Code  Course TitleLect Hrs
CS-5101Advanced Computer Architecture3
CS-5102Advanced Analysis of Algorithms3
CS-5103Advanced Operating Systems3
CS-5207 Theory of Computation3
CS-6101 M.Phil. Thesis3
Optional Courses
CS-5212 Research Methodologies3
Digital Signal and Image Processing (Elective Courses)
CS-5104Advanced Digital Signal Processing3
CS-6103Machine Vision3
CS-6104Image and Video Compression3
CS-6105Digital Image Analysis and Processing3
CS-6114Advanced Biomedical Signal and Image Processing3
CS-6201Advanced Computer Animation3
Computer Networks and Security (Elective Courses)
CS-5201Advanced Computer Networks3
CS-5202Advanced Wireless Communications3
CS-5203Advanced Pervasive and Mobile Computing3
CS-5204Advanced Cryptography and Network Security3
CS-5205 Analytical Approach to Computer Communication3
CS-5206Network Performance Evaluation3
CS-6102Digital Water marking3
CS-6202 Information Security3
CS-6203Digital Forensics3
CS-6115Advanced Cryptography & Information Security
Software Engineering (Elective Courses)
CS-5208Advanced Software Engineering Techniques3
CS-5209Advanced Software Quality Assurance and Testing3
CS-5210 Advanced Requirements Engineering3
CS-5211 Advanced Software Architectures3
CS-5212Advanced Software Patterns3
Intelligent, Parallel and Distributed Systems (Elective Courses)
CS-6106 Advanced Parallel Computing3
CS-6107Advanced Evolutionary Computing3
CS-6108Advanced Artificial Intelligence3
CS-6109Advanced Bioinformatics3
CS-6110 Advanced Machine Learning3
CS-6111 Advanced Data Mining3
CS-6112 Natural Language Processing3
CS-6113Advanced Distributed Systems3
CS-6114 Advanced Information Retrieval Systems3
CS-6116Machine Learning Techniques for Bioinformatics Data Analysis3
Course CodeCoursesCredit Hours
CS-7101 Advanced Topics in Computer Architecture3
CS-7102Advanced Topics in Analysis of Algorithms3
CS-7103 Advanced Topics in Operating Systems3
CS-7104Advanced Topics in Digital Signal Processing3
CS-8101PhD. Thesis3
CS-8102 Advanced Topics in Digital Watermarking3
CS-8103Advanced Topics in Machine Vision3
CS-8104Advanced Topics in Image and Video Compression3
CS-8105Advanced Topics in Digital Image Analysis and Processing3
CS-7201Advanced Topics in Computer Networks3
CS-7202Advanced Topics in Wireless Communications3
CS-7203Advanced Topics in Pervasive and Mobile Computing3
CS-7204 Advanced Research Methodologies3
CS-7205Advanced Topics in Cryptography and Network Security3
CS-7206Advanced Topics in Analytical Approach to Computer Communication3
CS-7207Advanced Topics in Network Performance Evaluation3
CS-7208Advanced Topics in Software Engineering3
CS-7209Advanced Topics in Software Quality Assurance and Testing3
CS-7210Advanced Topics in Requirements Engineering3
CS-7211 Advanced Topics in Software Architectures3
CS-7212 Advanced Topics in Software Patterns3
CS-8201Advanced Topics in Computer Animation3
CS-8202Advanced Topics in Information Security3
CS-8203 Advanced Topics in Digital Forensics3
CS-8106Advanced Topics in Parallel Computing3
CS-8107Advanced Topics in Distributed Systems3
CS-8108Advanced Topics in Evolutionary Computing3
CS-8109Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence3
CS-8110Advanced Topics in Bioinformatics3
CS-8111 Advanced Topics in Machine Learning3
CS-8112Advanced Topics in Data Mining3
CS-8113Advanced Topics in Natural Language Processing3
CS-8114Advanced Topics in Biomedical Signal Processing3
CS-8115Advanced Topics in Biomedical Image Processing3
CS-8116Advanced Topics in Information Retrieval Systems3
CS-8117Advanced Topics of Machine Learning Techniques for Bioinformatics Data Analysis3
CS-8118Advanced Topics in Cryptography & Information Security3