Chemistry Department

Saturday September 23, 2017


On realizing the importance of chemistry in the nation building process, university launched the department of chemistry in 1984 at Muzaffarabad Campus. For the first few years, only MSc Programme was offered in the areas of Physical, Inorganic, Organic and Biochemistry.
The department steadily catered for the growing demands of the society by roviding skilled manpower. With proper attention given to the education sector, the university also benefited from and the department started flourishing. Qualified faculty is acquired and well equipped laboratories are established to meet the evolving requirements of the subject. In order to align ourselves with the rest of the world, the department has recently launched the four year Bachelor of Science (BS) program. The program is being mainly run according to the policy guidelines of Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan


Program:    MSc Courses Detail
The eligibility criterion for admission in M.Sc. Chemistry is; B.Sc. with Chemistry Excluding Geography in at least 2nd division (45% marks).
Scheme of Studies MSc
Duration: 6 Semester
Courses & Lab: Credits
Reading and Conference: 1 Credits
Thesis: 1 Credits
Comprehensive Oral Examination: S/U Basis
Internship/Practical training: S/U Basis
Total Credit Hours: 2 Credits

Program:    BS Courses Detail
The Criterion of admission in B.S Chemistry is HSSC or equivalent with at least Second division (45% marks)
Scheme of Studies BS
Duration: 8 Semester
Courses & Lab: 120 Credits
Reading and Conference: 0 Credits
Thesis: 3 Credits
Comprehensive Oral Examination: Other
Internship/Practical training: Other
Total Credit Hours: 123 Credits


Khawaja Ansar Yasin