Sociology & Rural DevelopmentDepartment

Sociology & Rural Development Department

Saturday September 23, 2017


Sociology is the scientific study of society. It covers all aspects of society like human behavior, social institutions, social action, social change & social problems. Sociologists investigate structure of groups, organizations and societies and the way people interact within these contexts. Since human behavior is shaped by social factors, subject matter of sociology ranges from intimate family to a hostile mob, from the division of society on the basis of race, gender and social class to shared beliefs of a common culture and from sociology of social work to that of sports.
In fact, few fields have such relevance and scope for research, theory and application of knowledge


Program:    BS Courses Detail
General rules of HEC are followed to determine the eligibility of the candidate. • The candidates must have intermediate or equivalent certificate with minimum 2nd Division (45%). • Overall merit comprise of academic record
Scheme of Studies BS
Duration: 8 Semester
Courses & Lab: 116 Credits
Reading and Conference: 0 Credits
Thesis: 8 Credits
Comprehensive Oral Examination: S/U Basis
Internship/Practical training: S/U Basis
Total Credit Hours: 124 Credits