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Institute Of Education Department

Monday September 25, 2017


As teacher-educator plays a very important role in shaping up the life and competence of prospective teachers, it is, therefore, essential for them to be adequately equipped with the required skills that will enable them to present themselves as a perfect role model for the prospective teachers. This indicates the importance of effective teaching learning systems in teacher education Programmes. The Institute of Education is one of the pioneering Institutes of Pakistan and AJK which offered four years Degree Programme is designed in the light of HEC guidelines and also keeping in view the New Education Policy 2009, the National Professional Standards for Teachers in Pakistan and Accreditation Standards for Degree Programmes. The Institute also accredited in cat. “Y” by National accreditation council for teacher education (NETE). The Institute also offers A.D.E. in-service teachers Programmes including four years B. Ed (Hons) (elementary/secondary) and M.Phil. These Programmes are excepted to continue for few years and shall be phased out gradually as government policy. All these Programmes are designed in view of the emerging jobs in education sector. The courses and activities are designed in such a way that practical skills for teaching and research are maximized. Now you believe or not but drastic changes in content, pedagogy and learning environments have taken place around the world. You cannot stop the change process. However you can excel in education sector as teacher, education-manager or policy maker by responding to these changes. For that purpose, you need to join our new degree Programmes and other courses designed in view of the national policy, professional standards and emerging needs”.


Program:    BA EDUCATION / BED HONS Courses Detail
FA/FSc/ A levels with minimum 2nd Division • FA/FSc/ A levels with school subjects • Equivalent education form recognized madrasa system
Scheme of Studies BA EDUCATION / BED HONS
Duration: 8 Semester
Courses & Lab: 118 Credits
Reading and Conference: 0 Credits
Thesis: 0 Credits
Comprehensive Oral Examination: S/U Basis
Internship/Practical training: S/U Basis
Total Credit Hours: 118 Credits


Batool Atta