Saturday November 18, 2017


Statistics is concerned with those aspects which empower effective decision and to explore new horizons for incorporating multiple level of uncertainty in the farming of wise decisions. Statistical science skills are powerful tools that play a valuable role in all pure and applied sciences as well as in finance, law and marketing. The M.Sc./ M.Phil. Programs in statistics are designed to provide students with comprehensive training in statistical theory and methodology and in the application of statistical methods to problems in a wide range of fields. The program is flexible and may be arranged to reflect students' interests and career goals. The program uses a broad-based approach to statistics, providing up-to-date training in the major applications and an excellent balance between theory and application. It covers modern ideas in statistics including applied Bayesian Methods, generalized linear modeling and object-oriented statistical computing, together with grounding in traditional statistical theory and methods. 1. Deliver a high-quality statistics program for our majors and minors that prepares them for either the workplace or further study in graduate programs; 2. Offer service courses for the university that meet the needs of the various majors and enhance the statistical literacy of the students; 3. Provide university-wide support for research and professional development of faculty and students;


Program:    BS Courses Detail
Eligibility criterion for admission in B.S. (Statistics) 4-years is F.A/F.Sc./ at least in second division.
Scheme of Studies BS
Duration: 8 Semester
Courses & Lab: 116 Credits
Reading and Conference: -1 Credits
Thesis: -1 Credits
Comprehensive Oral Examination: S/U Basis
Internship/Practical training: S/U Basis
Total Credit Hours: 114 Credits